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Dr. Arthur Lipkin's professional journey began at USC Dental School. There he was provided with an excellent education. He has a never-ending quest for knowledge, and is committed to being the best dentist he can possibly be. Dr. Lipkin has been providing the finest in dental care for over twelve years. He is dedicated to helping patients achieve the glamorous smiles they have always wanted. Dr. Lipkin is known for his gift of creating beautiful smiles that look entirely natural. His commitment to using the finest technology and materials pairs perfectly with his artistic talents. His continually outstanding cosmetic dentistry results have helped to make Dr. Lipkin a premier Studio City cosmetic dentist.

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General Dentistry in Studio City, California.Dr. Artur Lipkin DDS is a cosmetic dentist in Studio City, California Cosmetic Dentist in StudioCity, California. Dentist in Studio City, California.
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